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Language is the third album of the American band The Contortionist which came out two years after the release of Intrinsic, and marks the debut of singer/song writer Michael Lessard as the band's new vocalist. With Language, the band embarked on a new journey that as of this day, not only resulted in 2 full-length albums and one EP but also in a trademark sound found nowhere else in the genre.






The Contortionist took a pretty big risk by putting out an album like Language in a time of transition, but the band managed to capture the attention of old and new fans who consider Language as one of the best progressive metal albums of recent years.

Language reminds the listener that although this incarnation of The Contortionist is mainly focused on being a mellow and atmospheric progressive band, they can still produce heavy material with the same quality as they did in Exoplanet (2010). And once again, we have Lessard delivering a vocal performance that shows why he became a permanent and key piece of this band.

Tracks like Language I and II serve well as preparation for the tracks that continue with this conceptual album, which main theme is to tell the story of a friend of Michael who died to addiction only a year after losing his mother.


Side A
  1. The Source
  2. Language I: Intuition
  3. Language II: Conspire
  4. Integration
Side B
  1. Thrive
  2. Primordial Sound
  3. Arise
Side C
  1. Ebb & Flow
  2. The Parable
Side D
  1. The Source (Rediscovered)
  2. Language (Rediscovered)
  3. Primordial Sound (Rediscovered)
  4. The Parable (Rediscovered)

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