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Periphery II: This Time It's Personal

Periphery II: This Time It's Personal is the second album by the progressive metal band Periphery, released June 29, 2012 through Roadrunner Records Australia and July 3 through Sumerian in America.





Side A
  1. Muramasa
  2. Have A Blast
  3. Facepalm Mute
  4. Ji
Side B
  1. Scarlet
  2. Luck As A Constant
  3. Ragnarok
Side C
  1. The Gods Must Be Crazy!
  2. Make Total Destroy
  3. Erised
  4. Epoch
Side D
  1. Froggin' Bullfish
  2. Mile Zero
  3. Masamune
  4. Far Out (Bonus track – Instrumental)
  5. The Heretic Anthem (Bonus track – Originally by Slipknot)

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