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Spiritual Migration

Released in 2013, Spiritual Migration is, considered by many, the best studio album by the Andorran progressive death metal band Persefone. The album features 13 tracks of which 6 are instrumental pieces.





Side A:
  1. Flying Sea Dragons
  2. Mind as Universe
  3. The Great Reality
  4. Zazen Meditation
Side B:
  1. The majestic of gaia
  2. Consciousness Pt. 1: Sitting in Silence
  3. Consciousness Pt. 2: A Path to Enlightenment
Side C:
  1. Inner fullness
  2. Metta Meditation
  3. Upward explosion
Side D:
  1. Spiritual Migration
  2. Returning to the source
  3. Outro

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Album cover
Album cover